OK guys, here is my latest outing. I think most long time autograph hounds and educated collectors know of these already but I wanted to bring these up.

Eric is one the hardest autographs in music. He used to be cool in the 90's but these days he's almost impossible. I keep seeing these same forgeries and PSA tends to pass them as real.

Everyone how has ever gotten autographs in person knows how signatures can change over the years and Eric Clapton's has morphed more then about anyone else's.

At first I thought these were secretarials but not I have doubts. I think these are just Hollywood BLVD forgeries now long dead but still floating around.

See the ebay links.

I can go on and on...

Notice all the different dates, not only did he never sign like this period but he didn't maintain this over half a decade or longer. And the nail in the coffin is his date hand writing. See this index card, this is how Eric (and most British people) write their 9's. They start from the middle, go left - up and around and back down. The fakes all start from the top. This is very telling. You can root out most Clapton fakes based on this alone.

Real one with the correct hand writing.

I have a couple more common forgery styles that passed off as real too. But this is a start.

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Completely agree with Adam.  All of this is incredibly useful, thank you.

I'm a big fan of Mr Clapton and from an autograph perspective it really is amazing to see the sheer number of 90s 'signatures' out there (compared to the other decades), not just on contemporary stuff but on earlier pieces as well.

He signed a lot in the 90's and would sign multiples too. But the thing was a lot of people just did 8x10's and or CD's back then. For some reason we didn't want to spend a buck to two on a record and if we did we usually got crappy solo albums signed. Very few of use were smart enough to get the good classic albums signed for some reason.... If I could go back in time....

A guy I know always tells this story about how he had to beg his friend to go with him to get Clapton or the Stones.... He'd be at the hotel all by himself and getting Clapton to sign a stack of CD's lol. oops

i did guitars and posters and tons he signed like crazy then just stopped

Here is a Clapton autograph I got thru the mail in the late 90's early 2000's. I've looked at many other Clapton signatures and I think its real.. but I'm not sure. Also showed it to a friend who has gotten Clapton in person who also thought it was real. Sent the original request letter to the address on the back of the unplugged CD.. which i don't remember what label that was off the top of my head.. but after receiving this one i tried for a second and received a facsimile on the second time around. Kept the facsimile in my high school binder for the longest time and eventually lost it but I still have this card with somebody's hand writing on it. I hope its Eric's.. maybe you all can take a look and tell me what you think.

I have one very similar to this Dylan. I believe mine is written in the same hand as this. Same picture too. I'm also on the fence as to whether it is real. It's not the usual secretarial that's seen alot. 

This is mine. Normally i think i'm a pretty good judge of what's real and what's fake, but i'm not totally sure with this one. Any opinions from anyone?

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I spent over 1 year  following Clapton when he decided to sign in the 90s .he signed over 100 guitars for me plus other stuff now basically Impossible 

Can you guys give me your opinions on this Clapton?



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