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Soliciting opinions. Pro or con?

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I have a thought on Clapton autographs. DO NOT BUY THEM. EVER. He hasn't signed in a very long time, and his signature is VERY EASY for forgers.

Hi, I got him IP approx 1 and a 1/2 years ago.    So there are still some chances then.

No photo description available.

Better buy the old style...

You can have mine.

Thanks Josh, Tom, Mojo, and Mikex. I assume no one, so far, is liking this Clapton.

I don't think anyone is saying no. If it comes from a solid source, that would help its cause.

Here is a comparable to an authentic example signed in 2008.

To be honest, it's probably fine. Who is selling it?

I own the OP. That is why I am asking. Just trying to get some feedback on this one.

I would say yes. I'm certain Epperson would give it a thumbs up. 

I appreciate your thoughts, thank-you.


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