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Here's a Flynn signature that I've come across.  It's from a reliable source and appears vintage.  Somewhat atypical...thoughts?


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Etienne, The best of this is the "YNN". I would need more exemplars of that style "E" from other reliable sources. Unless your reliable source got this in person, I would pass. Don't get me wrong, I have my own collection from reliable sources that won't pass muster. The ink from heavy drinkers can be a challenge. I have a Spencer Tracy that is in worse shape than this Flynn.

Hi David -

That was my thought as well....that the "ynn" looks rather typical but the rest not so.  I'd agree that it's probably a pass....as least for me.  I am interested in knowing if perhaps others have seen anything like this before.  Also agree it might be the result of Flynn a bit under the influence!

Thanks for taking a look.

I agree with both of you guys, it’s sloppy and too close to call. Really weird written first name, not something typical for him. 

Thanks, Nick. "Sloppy" seems indeed the best way to describe it.  Not sure beyond that.

+ 1

Thanks, Kai .



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