Eugene Levy counts as a musician - right? Part of the seminal folk band Mitch & Mickey known for their favorite "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow". Featured in the documentary, "A Mighty Wind".

Also signed by Dan Levy

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You got it already? Says not out until today.. Mine hasn't shipped yet ordered 6/22

Yes. They notified me on 10/20 that they shipped via UPS, and they arrived yesterday. I was surprised as I knew the release date wasn't until now. Would have been here sooner if it wasn't for the weekend.

Unfortunately, mine are not signed. Wondering if they're sending bookplates later?

I think you got screwed. I'd reach out immediately. 

I know, right?   Thanks for the words of encouragement.  Lol

Actually flipped through every single page to make sure I wasn't missing something.

I emailed them immediately upon opening and inspecting.

I received a reply from them with a ticket number that they would contact me asap. 

Haven't heard anything yet.  Ugh.

I just did a live chat with them. They said they haven't even received them yet in the I don't know how the hell you got yours already. 

Strange...   I must be special.  LOL

Maybe that would explain why I received unsigned versions.

Be interesting to see their response to all this.

Well, I finally heard back from BAM:

'According to our warehouse records, the book that was ordered was not an autographed copy, I have attached a photo.'

The photo they attached is the one that shows the standard book.

My response;

Hi. Thank you for your reply.
I know I clicked on the autographed version of this book and that they were in stock at the time that I placed my order, and for days after. I made sure that the photo on my order had the blue sticker showing ’Signed Copy’. I was very thorough in doing so, to avoid any such error. There would have been no point to preorder the unsigned version four months ago, when they would be readily available in your store upon release.
Markcollector...   I think you're right  --  I got screwed.
I'll update if they're willing to correct this, but I don't have much hope.

What's your email say? Or even your BAM account order details should list it. 

Mine says Best Wishes..The Stry of Schitt's Creek Autographed Copy

My email from them has: 

Best Wishes, Warmest Regards
by Daniel Levy; Eugene Levy (Hardcover)  SKU: 9780762499502

There lies the issue.

I took a screenshot of them of my cart when ordering. It's a habit of mine to screenshot all my online orders. It shows the photo with blue sticker, and also shows autographed. I believe I than added a coupon and purchased. I'm sending them the screenshot photo, and asking if it could have defaulted to the unsigned version at the coupon or checkout?  I've purchase so many autographed books, albums, etc., and have never had this problem.

It is what it is  :-(

So...  I'm screwed...  my screenshot shows the right order, but not their email which I didn't look at close enough. I honestly do not feel this was my error, but it does not matter - they said they don't have any signed ones available. I asked if they'll offer these in-store as I'm pretty close, but didn't get an answer.

If they mess up my Obama / Springsteen order... I'm done with BAM.

Did anyone receive this book yet? 

Yeah mine says “autographed” in my email and with my online order. Sadly, it seems like the wrong book probably got selected, however I think Dan & Eugene are doing virtual events still.

I ordered with Expedited Shipping and it still shows “pending” despite ordering back on June 23. 



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