Eugene Levy counts as a musician - right? Part of the seminal folk band Mitch & Mickey known for their favorite "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow". Featured in the documentary, "A Mighty Wind".

Also signed by Dan Levy

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Let them ship it with just Dan. Description says both. I'll get my money back

Just got confirmation the bookplate will only be signed by Dan Levy.

Worst part of all, now that Eugene didn't sign this, this book doesn't even count as musician signed. Sorry guys!

Wow! That’s a bummer. I notice the book has also magically disappeared from the BAM website if you try using their search (not check your order status). Figured it might be too good to be true, but considering the tour they didn’t provide signed copies (per others) this seems on par. 

The book is still there if you search for it but because it’s been sold out for so long you have to search 

Total b*******

Thanks again for sharing this as my copy arrived today!

One happy wife 

From BAM? Shame its not signed by Eugene as well

I got mine from Indigo today. I had ordered it for the wife for part of her Christmas.  The package was open on the corners.  The book was supposed to be signed, then a bookplate, and instead was actually just a card signed by Dany Levy stuffed into the book.  It wasn't even a bookplate. But it's irrelevant-because the way they packed it-it was heavily damaged.  It looked like it was sent to my house being shot out of a cannon more than it was sent through the mail.  I asked for a refund and a shipping label-since they want the book back. Image 1 Image 2

I received my signed book from Waterstones. It was well packaged, too. 

Don't mean to add insult to injury but I just received my "Best Wishes" book from BAM this morning after ordering a double signed copy way back in June and just to confirm it's only signed on a large page bookplate by Daniel Levy...very disappointing!

ALSO...Their lame excuse was "The overview we have from the publisher does not specify what signature is included." Really...when originally your confirm looked like this:

Actually the order confirmation page does say signed by both



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