Feeling Shammed: Is There Any Chance This DiMaggio, Mantle, Ted Williams Ball Would Pass?

So I don’t live in a fantasy world where everything is what people say it is, but rather, I have been known to be an impulse buyer of sports memorabilia; Some good luck but more often I get what’s coming to me.

Got this baseball recently online and was met with immediate regret. Basically just looking to confirm that these Auto of Ted Williams, DiMaggio, and Mantle are all forgeries. could anyone rather than just give a thumbs down, or far less likely a thumbs up on this one, maybe shed some light as to the obvious traits that should have red flagged this one for me. I think the signatures are too uniform in size and spacing but I am very much the amateur. Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts. 

Rob F3526C4E-C000-480B-85CE-AEBC3DAE9640.jpeg


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sorry but the signatures are so blurred I can't really make out any detail

Agree, too blurry to tell.

Please see my latest attempts in finding a good shot to show you all. The hall is pretty beat up, the signatures are actually fading but hoping you all can see the important nuances. Thanks for the support !


I would definitely say "No."




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