Felt good about this one, nothing concerned me too much so I bought it.. thoughts?

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The only thing that made me stop and think was the cross on the T seems a bit high, but it's something I've seen before.


I put Tom Brady in the title so members will know what you're asking about.

get your money back.  look at how slowly it is signed.  this is not authentic.  I admit Brady can be tough to authenticate but this one is pretty shaky, and also off with formation.  once in a while, you will see an authentic Brady mini-helmet on ebay for 300 bucks. I would grab one of those.

I actually bought this off of Eddie George and a friend who are in the autograph business. If this is really not authentic than it could potentially be a huge NFL players forgery circle

What's their business? Where did they get it? 

Have to agree - even with minimal knowledge of Tom's autograph, it makes no sense that it'd be slow and shaky.

Cert says Nashville autographs. I met at a storage unit that was just filled with memorabilia. He told me they've done trade shows and are now setting up a website. Guy seemed nice enough we were actually going to go fishing this week lol. I'd had to give a forget the benefit of the doubt but I'd have to believe he acquired this without knowing it was fake. Hopefully he takes me letting him know well.
So the guy I bought them off of says he'll trade back with me. What's interesting is that his god son is max starks, so he is close with both Ross browner and max starks. He claims that this helmet was signed at an NFL dinner Ross browner was at where he also got brett farve, Peyton manning and JJ watt. I know he's telling the truth about Ross browner because he was at the guys house when I was talking to him. It makes no sense these would be fake if that's the whole story
Here's what he said..
Attachments: No photo uploads here

Just speaking from a mechanical aspect of transferring the ink onto the helmet, not the character of the autograph itself. As stated, it's not just shaky, as in laboriously drawn. One can expect deflection, thus the appearance of "shake" while running the pen over the seam down the middle. That's natural. A physical impediment to producing a smooth and fluid signature. That's OK. What's not is the twisting and turning of the pen's angle to the surface while executing those horrendously asymmetrical curves of the signature. The line is thick, then thin, then think, then it looks like the pen backed up and redrew over the line to correct itself, it's a mess from the standpoint of being convincingly fluid. It doesn't even look like the work of a halfway decent forger. I can't imagine Tom Brady executing his signature as if he's either a kid trying to copy dad's signature on a report card or a 90 year old man. I don't like it for this reason, without even addressing the technicalities of the signature.

Todd, signatures stand on their own, and the story should not be considered.  In general, the better the story, the higher the likelihood that it is a forgery.

I enjoy hearing the stories! They can be very entertaining. Especially when they're even more amusing than the signature itself! 8)

Thanks for all of the help everyone! I appreciate it. The seller seemed to think it was real and traded back immediately so all is well.



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