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Well, it took four years, but I was FINALLY able to finish my Guns N' Roses guitar on this tour. Of course, it doesn't have Izzy Stradlin, but he's so reclusive I'll be lucky to ever get him. I decided to keep the signatures on this guitar to just the "classic" lineup from Appetite for Destruction. It's probably one of my absolute favorites from my collection - and all obtained in person by me, which means I have the cool stories and memories associated with every signature. If you get a chance to see the band on this tour somewhere in the world, you should definitely go. The show is amazing and these guys sound fantastic! Thanks for reading!

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Hi Dev im happy for you, very nice item!
If the gunners come down under next year ill try and go.
The boys are difficult to obtain because of the different lineup over years and when i see a signed reunion litho for sale i jumped on it.
Thanks Paul! Great show...seriously. Sound better now than back in the 80's/90's. They're playing Australia in Feb 2017 so you need to go!

they are coming here

Wow, that looks nice. Congrats!
Thanks Ballroom!
Congrats man! Looks amazing!
Thanks Richard!

Who was the support band?

The Cult.  They still sound pretty good as well.

Wonderful placement and quality!


Thanks Eric!  I'm very picky about matching pens, placement, and contrast - which sometimes means it takes me a long time to complete items, but in the end I believe in quality over quantity.

Axl has been on his best behavior, on time for gigs. There changed men now.


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