Hi guys,

What do you think about the attached vinyl sleeve?

Is it worth a punt do you think?



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These don't look authentic to me. They all appear to be in the same hand.

No, IMO.

these are awful

Thanks guys!

Does anybody know who might be open to selling a Fleetwood Mac item? Alternatively just a Stevie Nicks one would be great. Everything I'm finding seems to be fake!

For 125 U.S. you can Google Mick Fleetwood store and get an autographed Rumours Lp. I just finally picked up a Stevie and it wasn't that easy. Lots of stuff out there but she has a pretty simple graph to forge. So beware, Now if you are rich I will put you in touch with a lady who has a couple signed tamborines (2 grand +). Hope this helps.

Ben - I have a few, here is a scan of one of the nicer photos. I have a few FM pieces if interested.


Hi Mike,

That's a great pic. I assume others on here believe it to be authentic too?

I can't believe the amount of fakes currently on auction sites!

How much are you wanting for it?

All the best,


$275 delivered. I've been dealing in Nicks stuff since the early 80's. And yes, 95% of what is on Ebay is horrible.



You have any single signed Christine McVie or Buckingham Iv been looking around for those two to finish my set

Not for sale at the moment Jason, I'm down to one Christine which is on my wall.

Hi Mike,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Have been ill the past few days.

If still available I'll take that one please?

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get it from?

Joe, are you of the thinking this one is authentic also?



Hey Ben - no problem. I grab Nicks stuff whenever I see an authentic one from various sources and have been doing so for about the past 10 years so have quite a few in my collection. I honestly can't recall where this came from. If still interested, let me know and we'll figure out the details. My email address is "mmunns1@hotmail.com"



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