Florence + The Machine- Dance Fever CD (signed indie exclusive)

$13.98 (mostly, see below), LIMIT ONE

Available via major US indie stores, similar to previous indie exclusives

These stores all work on the same platform and pull from the same central distributor, so once their stock is gone, it's usually sold out for everyone.  Hopefully, no one is jerk enough to try and order one each from multiple sources (which might cancel too), but it's hard to stop the flippers.

Each may have some in-store on release date too. 

Anyway, here's info and some Indie store pre-order links, I briefly checked their varying shipping rates as well and noted those, check each for possible intl. shipping- support your closest neighborhood record store-

Dance Fever [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Signed CD]
Artist: Florence + The Machine
Format: CD Available $13.98 Rel. Date: 05/13/2022

https://electricfetus.com/UPC/602445652624 (free ship over $50, starts at $6)

https://easystreetonline.com/UPC/602445652624 (USPS std starts at $4)

https://musicmillennium.com/UPC/602445652624 (USPS std starts at $5)

https://darksiderecords.com/UPC/602445652624 (Priority or UPS Ground starts at 9.99)

https://recordwonderland.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $5)

https://jbsrecordlounge.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $5)

https://woodennickelrecords.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $4.99)

https://docsrecordsandvintage.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $5)

https://exileonmain.com/UPC/602445652624 (USPS std starts at $5)

https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13534383/florence-the-machine-dance-fe... (free over $50, USPS std starts at 3.99)

https://randysrecords.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $5)

https://spinmeroundstore.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $4.99)

https://millsrecordcompany.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $4.49)

https://waterloorecords.com/UPC/602445652624 (shipping for one item starts at $20??!!!)

https://vintagevinyl.com/UPC/602445652624 (shipping starts at 9.75 for USPS Priority)

https://millsrecordcompany.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $4.49)

https://streetlightrecords.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $5)

https://rivercityrecordshop.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $5)

https://centralsquarerecords.com/UPC/602445652624 (standard starts at $3.50)

https://tuneshoboken.com/UPC/602445652624 (media mail starts at $4.99)

https://criminalatl.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $4.99)

https://everybodysrecords.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $4, but $3 per addl)

https://thevinylgrooverecords.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $4)

https://earwaxrecords.net/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $5)

https://obsessionrecords.com/UPC/602445652624 (Media Mail, starts at $4)

https://dearbornmusic.net/UPC/602445652624 (USPS standard starts at $4)
https://mainstvinyl.com//UPC/602445652624 (CD priced $16.99 here)

https://shop.therecordexchange.com/UPC/602445652624 (CD priced $15.99 here)

https://schoolkidsrecords.com/UPC/602445652624 (CD priced $14.99 here)

https://parkavecds.com/UPC/602445652624 (CD priced $20.98 here)


Florence + The Machine releases 5th studio album, Dance Fever. Written & produced through the haze of two lockdowns, in London & NY with producers Jack Antonoff & Glass Animals’ Dave Bayley. Dance Fever sees Florence at the peak of her powers, coming into a fully realized self-knowledge, poking sly fun at her own self-created persona, playing with ideas of identity, masculine & feminine, redemptive, celebratory, stepping into her place in the iconic pantheon. Indie Exclusive Signed CD.

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They look fine to me.

Here are a couple of examples of the rather more unusual looking ones I’ve seen recently online, so that you know what I mean… (not mine)


Hmmm yeah, they are very different, eBay?

Top one a friend of mine received via Amazon. He actually bought one from her store too which arrived on the same day with the more typical signature.

Bottom one I spotted on Instagram, received from a fellow collector.

Here’s mine, from Amazon UK. I think mine was signed at the end of a long signing session as it is somewhat lazy, and includes a slight smudge!! Certainly no blobs at the end, so definitely not autopen in my opinion. So for me it falls down to real or ghost signer, as they all differ. I lean towards genuine.

Me too, all the videos show her signing top left in gold, not seen any of those yet?

Yes, this is certainly one of the more atypical signatures (like the two I just shared above) - I think it’s definitely possible that they were signed late in a session as you suggested. That said, I see the X is in a different place for those signatures (at the end) versus the others (underneath). Interesting. Sadly I’m no expert, but I’d be intrigued to hear what the rest of you think - I’m guessing all authentic from other sites (incl. own store) and most of Amazon authentic, although some certainly look different.

These three all start different to the others, the F is totally different?!? God I hate this hobby!!!!

Yeah, I think the jury’s still out on those ones. I’m fairly confident, however, in yours/mine as they seem to match previous examples, the digital mock-up, and the posters too etc.

Why can’t we just collect stamps? I’m sure it would be much easier!!

Doubt it bud.

Bruises get my vote!!

In defence of the Amazon UK versions I would add that they came to the party late in the day (to get UK chart position) and I can imagine her being asked to sign another batch for this purpose. Maybe that’s why these have a bit ‘fed up of signing now’ look about them.

Yeah that would be a logical explanation. After all, my own pair from Amazon UK (the first two shared in this feed) are the same as the expected signatures, so batch theory would work as likely first batch are authentic at the least.



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