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Thanks ordered all three

Congratulations, they are all sold out right now! 

Does anyone know if they ship to the US?

Why not go to the site and look?

Because it's in a different language than English which makes it harder to navigate...

I right-click on the page and click translate to English and that works for me. it's weird though because two of the posters say delivery only to a german address, but the third doesn't say it and it was going to let me order one. $35 shipping to the U.S.though so I passed.

Ahh I see, thanks! I may want to snag one since I bought one othe deluxe vinyls with the alternate cover!

Hey Zach, I just checked it out because I was curious as well. And it's not cheap at 32,95 EUR, but that price will get anywhere from one to some of these from Germany out to us here in the States.

I think the album cover variant poster is beautiful and am right on the edge of just biting the bullet and snagging a couple copies of that one. Going to give myself another couple minutes to mull it over....

Yeah, given what Damageinc777 had to say yesterday, this is for sure a gamble. 

But anyone who should wind up with a sig on the cover variant looking anything like what's in the photo Rich posted here yesterday, has, IMO, scored the coolest large piece to pop up here on the board in many moons. So I figure it's worth a shot. Grabbed two of said. Fingers crossed!

From what I've seen thus far, those examples I posted see to be par for the course. She signed this fairly nicely - not her A/A+ sig, but a good one nonetheless.

The CDs from the past couple albums, believe it or not, do not represent the the worst of her signature styles. While not particularly "nice" per se, is probably at least a half step above what a lot of in-person collectors (or even fans) have gotten over the past decade.

Two are also on the UK Store, but only as part of a larger bundle…



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