FOR SALE: Bruce Springsteen Signed Born in the USA Album from RR Auction. Opinions Sought.

I have

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Eric,  do you think there is an issue with the signature?  If so, I would definitely like to hear from others!

Hello Steve,

Springsteen is not my strong suit - and I spent my time on the BST aspect of this thread as many want the BST to return. I only asked for additional opinions as the RR cert is 9 years old - and it is good to have additional opinions to assist your sale.

Perhaps a better sharper photo out of the holder would help.

Wonderful photograph for this thread. Thanks!

Bump for opinions and suggestions for new BST rules requested.

After some looking I find this signature atypical/odd. The size of the "ruce" seems overt. Others who know more will hopefully join this discussion. 

A thread dedicated to the BST Forum and its likely return will be started shortly.

I don’t think the signature looks right at all, I’m afraid.

Here is my Born in the USA album signed at the time of release for comparison.

I have been examining this Bruce Springsteen autograph for more than a day now.  It is bothering me, because I trust the judgements of both Roger Epperson and RR Auction.  It was definitely signed on an awkward angle, which makes the baseline appear to be off.  It is not.  Steve, I agree about the “S” being atypical, but that may simply be a result of the awkward angle.  My two main concerns are the hook of the “B” and the hard stop at the end of the autograph. Bruce Juice, have you opined on this one in the past?  I am curious about what your thoughts are.  Steve, it may very well be authentic.  It just seems to be slightly atypical.

I agree Mike.  I find it hard to believe that both RR and Roger would miss on this one.

"...My two main concerns are the hook of the “B” and the hard stop at the end of the autograph..."

+1 exactly.

Got Bruce many times at his Broadway show.  All kinds of angles and rushed.  Never seen one like this before.  Did Roger really approve this?  Seems very odd


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