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Definitely signs of inscription removal there.. can't believe that classifies as "fine" condition with no notation of the removal.

I have been seeing some auction houses use "Fine" as a safe catch-all. Frequency of use says a lot. Of course, I am told sometimes I write way too much about an item and its description/condition etc. I like the clarity as a buyer, so I do so as a seller.

Thanks guys, your knowledge is much appreciated.

A Beatles member with a broken foot, that’s pretty funny... :-)

I will contact the seller and ask, no mention about any removal in the description. If you’re talking about the mark above the ”way” part in ”always”, couldn’t that just be a crease/bend?  Here’s a better pic:

According to the seller there is no inscription removed.

Someone disrupted the ink in the photo, in a position where a personalization would be. I don't believe its a coincidence. That blemish is exactly what happens when someone takes a blender pen to a photo and overdoes it, it actually removes the printed photo ink. I've done it before.

Thanks Mike once again. I’ll listen to your knowledge and avoid this!

It's up to you if you want to live with the blemish and discoloration or not. Personally I would skip it. There's no shortage of Mark Hamill autographs out there.

That is how Ray used to sign, and one of his table photos from 1999. It may have even been signed at the Chiller show that year.

Thanks, as always, Pete!  I thought it was bad for a while because I'd just seen more recent examples, then recently someone in a Facebook group was commenting about how they wish he'd still sign the way he used to so I figured I'd throw it up here for an opinion.

Funny you mentioned the 1999 Chiller Show.  I just happened to look on the back of the photo and found this.

That's a clue!



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