Looking to buy Star Wars autographs, or autographs from any of the actors in the Star Wars Universe?  Post photos here for free opinions from some of the most knowledgeable collectors in the hobby. Always free of charge.

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Amen to that! No more messing around, I will go big (for me at least) or not at all...

Happy New Year everyone!!

I agree 100% with Pete. I on an impulse purchased two items that whilst had authentic signatures, were not the best quality. Lesson learned, these have been banished, and everything i have collected since then has cost more, but certainly are nothing that i am ashamed to 'show and tell'. There are some sellers that have some really 'special' items.

High quality doesn't always mean high price.. plenty of deals out there. If you're buying from someone who knows what they have, be prepared to spend big.

Thanks Mike, you’re correct!

I found this one that I like, from a reliable in-person collector. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts! Because my max would be approx $500, so I will not get the Official Pix or Coolwaters ones...

It's not terrible, but not good either.

Haha, I’ll quit! Maybe I should stick to music autographs... ;-)

No seriously, I understand that if you’re not willing to pay top dollars you will most likely not get the top items either. No problem, this is very educational and it’s fun to learn new things!


I agree mike. There is a certain seller that i have been dealing with, they know exactly what they have and how special the pieces are, but has always worked out a fantastic price.



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