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Hey everyone,

I found these on the website of an AFTAL approved Dealer whose bag is quite mixed. What do you think of These?

Thanks for your help!

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IMHO, I would pass on the Stewart, I can't see enough of the Power to render an opinion, and the Gable seems to be painfully, and slowly signed. 

I agree, they all look off to me.

Kai -  I'd echo both David and Nick who both know their stuff on this kind of material.  I'd say Stewart and Gable are definitely off and the Power is secretarial from the late 40's period.

Thanks for taking the time to help me, Guys! Very much appreciated!

I had the impression, too, that Gable looks slowly written and especially the capital letters not round but somewhat eager. Wasn't sure about Stewart and Power.

But the seller - altough AFTAL approved - seems to know not even the most well-known secretarials (such as Lemmon and Heston).

The Gable and Stewart are def no good


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