Credit to crazyrabbits23 for the find but this needs its own post, I almost missed it in the upcoming releases thread

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See what Findbooks says below - I agree with him.

Why would you want to do that?

If you have just bought the book from a known supplier and have a receipt you have pretty-much rock solid provenance.

As soon as you cut it out that goes out of the window and you have destroyed a great book. If it was a battered old reprint or something that you got in a charity shop- fair enough, I can see the logic there. But to damage an otherwise perfect book? Madness.

+1 well said.

I get that view point as well, if you have a first edition, hardcover, I can definitely see the value in keeping it intact, and seeing the value of using the signature for a cut if it was a gimmicke item that just happened to have a signature on it.

Honestly, Geddy signed thousands upon thousands of these and they aren't numbered.

I get your point and it's a personal preference to be able to display it rather than keeping in storage. Now, if it was signed first edition by lets say, Stephen King or JK Rowling, that would be dumb to cut out.

You could always scan it, display the scan, and keep the hook intact.

Got my signed book today from Barnes & noble

Also got mine from Barnes and Noble on Friday, and A Cappella today. Really impressed with the quality of the book overall. 


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