hi i bought a gene wilder signature but not sure if its real or fake.

many thanks

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Seb, I have an in person Gene Wilder that I will dig out and post tomorrow for you to compare...

I don’t think this looks right, sorry.

Seb, here is my in person Gene Wilder for you to compare.

Without the benefit of a larger scan in the OP, my observation is that it doesn't appear, to me, to be authentic.  Too many inconsistencies in the style and flow of the signature.  I don't think it's real.  The Wilder in the second cast picture signature looks good to me.

Agree, OP not promising from that scan for reasons noted.

shall i update photo once i receive the autograph 

Yes. Two lessons here IMO.

1) Ask before buying. You can get your answer w/o spending a dime. And learn at the same time :)

2) Don't buy from such a small photograph - ask for a huge scan.

PS - Don't buy things you question seems a good add-on.

These are mine that I got TTM that others here have said are good.

Don't know if this helps but I have seen his signatures similar to yours. Although the last couple of letters in his last name appear a bit rushed it still seems to be authentic. Here is a PSA authenticated example.




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