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Post Prince autographs that have already been discussed on Autograph Live and are widely believed to be genuine. Post them one at a time so members can comment and give their opinions on them.

If doubt arises in one that was previously thought to be authentic by our members, we'll label it as such.

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Thank you Alex. I will definately keep this and will not put this on ebay for a bargain price....btw. my curiosity won and I've sent the Larry Graham/Symbol as well as my 1999 Innersleeve to Roger Epperson and he just wrote me back that he thinks all of the three are authentic. I really didn't believe someone could tell....

That's great. They're also very valuable!

I think I will sell the 1999 Innersleeve but I don't think I will ever sell the other 2. I just have to figure out which platform would be the best to sell this because I don't think ebay is a good option.

I've got no connections to them but RR Auctions seem to get got prices on Prince autographs. They recently sold a 1988 signed Purple Rain LP for just over $30K. 

Prince is scarce = valuable. 

WHAT?!?! 30K????? That's insane !!! I will definately contact them with the 1999 Innersleeve and the Parade Poster then. I though maybe 3K or something like that. 

This one right? https://www.rrauction.com/

THAT IS INSANE !!!!!! I actually thought you are probably talking about a Band signed Purple Rain Album from 84/85 but this is "just" a Lovesexy Era Signature from a Recordstore Signing.....unbelievable.....

I'm not a fan of this autograph. But PLEASE do not list autographs you believe are likely forgeries, even if you tell people. Whoever buys it from you is probably going to try to sell it as real. In that case, you're almost as guilty as they are.

That's a good point. I didn't think of that. No, I'm gonna keep it for decoration in my Little Prince Museum in my shop :)

Here's one on a 1999 Innersleeve which was judged by Roger Epperson as authentic.


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