I am truly amazed.   I remember when the movie "Safe at Home" came out in 1962.  I was a huge fan of Mantle and Maris and that historic 1961 team.  It has been over 50 years since that movie was released, along with the 8 different lobby cards Columbia created to promote the movie.

In all those years, I never saw even ONE example of any version of those lobby cards authentically signed by Mantle and Maris.

That is why I am amazed that no less than TWELVE examples of the SAME lobby card "signed" by the M&M boys and of course, "authenticated" by GFA, have sold on ebay in the past two months.


Are collectors that naive?  When you search ebay now for Mantle signed items, an overwhelming number of them carry that ugly red GFA sticker.

The cancer is spreading.  I do not understand how collectors continue to purchase these obvious forgeries.

I keep thinking that some day the bubble will burst but as long as there is a market that will continue to buy this junk, the forgers and authenticators that are behind this scam will continue to prosper, and continue to produce these.  And Ebay does not care.  That is the saddest part of this whole deal.  

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Maris passed away over thirty years ago, and Mantle over 20 years ago.  Doesn't anyone wonder why, all of a sudden, there is no end to these lobby cards being signed by both?  Where is the common sense?  

Here it is August 2017 and this crap is still being produced (in Florida) and listed and sold on Ebay to the delusional autograph collectors.

Listed by Ebay seller Pan4life14 (a regular seller of forgeries on Ebay for years).


This set of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris forgeries with a worthless COA from Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (Stephen Rocchi) was recently sold by Ebay seller Mermichadel for a whopping $149.99.


I'm curious why authentic ones aren't around.

Mantle was accessible through card shows and the like; Maris wasn't as accessible, but he still put pen to paper between 1962 and 1985.

I understand why they wouldn't be a collector's first choice, but has an authentic one seriously never surfaced?

Mike, I have seen at least two.

That CRAP that Rocchi and his GFA crew cert is absolute garbage that is forged on inkjet paper.



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