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Interesting how does that work with postage costs do you pay UK prices and they post to you for that cost 

I'm not sure! But it works every time (to the Netherlands at least)

Surprised they havent caught on as it twice as much probably near three times more to post to europe but if it works nice one    

Only when ordering on the Ed Sheeran site I do get a personal message asking me if my address is correct, when I say that it is they just ship it out.

Good dodge that i like it     

Thanks I'll try  next time.

If you have 2 ... we can deal ;) 

Neither of those were offered. This was a signed print.

It's back up. Limit 2.

Must have gone quick as i see sold out now 

Must be. The CD, vinyl and bundle were definitely up when I posted. I even added them to cart to make sure they were in stock. It then said the print was limited to 2.

This site must have lots of followers. I've noticed before that when something popular gets posted here it can cause websites to crash.

Possibly a few left over once they totted up the sales always good to leave a few spare for problems and miscounts i suppose

Damn they just cancelled my order from yesterday, I assume because my order was over 2 signed prints because I ordered 2 CDs and a vinyl. So looks like they released the stock first and then sent out the cancellation notices. This is really messed up, they should have just stated the limit to begin with. As well as the size of the prints, it wasn't clear to me that the vinyl and CD would have the same print either.



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