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It’s sold out ? 

Yeah, "currently unavailable". Apparently no international shipping anyway.


such complete b*******..had it in my cart and checking out as fast I can..gone...f***** bots

I wouldn’t expect many went online as it’s remaining stock from yesterday’s in store only to purchase  

Yeah.. it was obviously 2 only for sale online.. smdh

Damn, really wanted this


There’s a guy on the RACC Facebook group selling them for $200 each. He has five of them.

On hand? Or preorder? Just wondering if he bought in store.

I just noticed he made the original post about 20 hours ago. He got them from Amoeba and sold them at $199.

Then said he got 2 more today and is selling those at $150. I believe both are now spoken for.

$200?! LOL..hard pass..f***** flippers..he got them in person yesterday at amoeba.. prob. had a hookup that works there or he works there..smdh...


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