Hey everyone!

I'm a newbie here but a huge MJ fan!

I recently won a lot at GHRR auctions. The lot was previously hosted on Knaiz Auctions. To my untrained eye, the signed fedora looked authentic. But after winning it, I started doing research on signed fedoras and came across this site full of knowledgeable folks! I was stunned to discover that a majority of signed fedoras were inauthentic. Even more shocking was the whole Julien's debacle!

Anyway, the fedora comes with no letter of provenance, just 2 COA's; one from Knaiz and one from GHRR.

I already sent this to Steve and Wascher for their input. Steve said it doesn't look authentic to him and suggested I post it here for everyone to chime in. Thanks again Steve for your kind help!

Please do take a look and let me know your thoughts. 

Anyone here have experience with Knaiz Auctions or GHRR?

Truly appreciate everyone lending their expertise to this.



P.S. If you're wondering why I bid first and researched later, the bid time was closing in a few minutes and I felt I could win it at the minimum bid, which I did.

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I don't know where they get their lots and whether they're consigned to them or they buy and sell. But why would you trust anything from anyone who regularly sells questionable items?

Remember, you do not have a return privilege with most auctions, and even if you did, proving something is likely not real can be expensive.

Don't look for bargains. Unless you really know you're stuff, you're just fooling yourself.

Re. the 'London signed loafers' -I'm happy to be contradicted, but when I enlarged the photos of MJ wearing the 'Mme Tussauds' loafers (black and white pics. below), they didn't look to be the same style as the ones on sale.  From the side view, the front 'bar' that holds the tassel seems to be an angled shape, and not 'rectangular'.  I found this alternative style of Florsheims on ebay, though not in black.  I'm assuming they were also made in black though. 

Your posts Lizzie, are always spot on. I really love the way you do your research and the results you come up with. Once again, thank you for your contribution and the time and effort you put in to this. You're a true help to the fan community and autograph collectors. Thnx!

Agreed 100%!

Btw sold for $ 5,500. ouch

Yeah, at $5,500 it wasn't "Only a flesh wound."

You said it.

In essence these forgers are essentially 'printing money' by making these fakes.

They're thieves STEALING money. Knowingly selling forgeries is theft by fraud, a felony in many cases. 

Thank you Lucas for your very kind words- I am however (like everyone) extremely fallible and only make 'suggestions' in this forum.  

I do find two things about these kinds of sales to be very striking.                               Firstly that fans seem to expect (and believe) that so many MJ items would be signed, when the majority of MJ 'worn' items sold (or known to be gifted) prior to his death appear not to have been signed.  For example Wade Robson is known to have sold three pieces of MJ memorabilia.  None of the three clothing items were signed. (The white fedora, black gloves and 'Motown' crystal-fronted shirt.  -  The unsigned fedora sold for $49,920).  Only the Annie Liebovitz photo (offered for sale on ebay) was signed and dedicated, and that was on the back (presumably because MJ didn't want to spoil the large AL print).                                                                        The other thing is that fans never seem to mention the auction terms and conditions, like these attached: 

can show the items of fedora etc that were unsigned? 

There is another notably unsigned example- a 'Victory Tour' style black Fedora which MJ gifted to Dr Arnold Klein.  MJ gave this with a handwritten note, but didn't write on the fedora. 

(There is also an unsigned MJ fedora of this style in a major museum-  the 'Smithsonian').




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