Based on previous discussions, it seems complete Gilligan's Island cast signed photos are rare.  Based on comparisons to likely authentic signatures, I have concerns about this signed photo.  However, hoping members can share their opinions.

  • Bob Denver
  • Alan Hale
  • Russell Johnson
  • Jim Backus
  • Natalie Schafer
  • Tina Louise
  • Dawn Wells

Thank you as always.

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bump - Any opinions are appreciated.  Based on previous discussions, I suspect most complete Gilligan's Island cast signed photos are not authentic (especially without Sherwood Schwartz's signature).  However, it would help just to confirm my doubts.  Thank you in advance.

bump - In addition to some concerns about signatures and learning complete sets are very scarce, this not being inscribed and not including Sherwood Schwartz are also red flags.  Even bad news helps me have closure and move on.  Appreciate any feedback and opinions on this signed photo.

It appears the same person signed the Dawn Wells, the Russell Johnson, and the Bob Denver.  The e and the double LL and too similar.

Thank you for taking a look and sharing your feedback, Steve.  I definitely see the similarity you are pointing out.  

As with all of my research, I see things differently depending on my state of mind between it's real or it's fake.  When I look at likely authentic exemplars, most of these signatures seem okay to me.  The Bob Denver seemed the most off to me among these signatures based on comparisons I had made.  However, when you point out similarities among these signatures combined with other comments from this forum about scarcity and signing habits, I continue to doubt this is authentic.  

I love seeing new evidence through the eyes of people more knowledgeable than me.  I am learning every day.  Thank you for your help. 

The other things that stands out as an issue is the you have two of the signatures in a think black marker, three in a bold black marker, and two in the same blue marker.  Looks like intent to make you think these are signed by different people.

I am starting to develop an eye for red flags like type of pen, angle of signature, size of writing, etc.  Funny how you can be blind to something for so long but then cannot unsee it once it is pointed out.  Appreciate your help, Steve.

Sorry beardog1. In my humble opinion, not real.

Thank you for continuing to share your knowledge and feedback, David.  I certainly did not originally intend to buy anything that I thought was a fake but am learning a lot from members of this forum as I continue to weed through my collection.  Having a greater level of confidence in what is authentic versus not authentic helps me make progress.  I appreciate you.  

beardog1, I posted "Gilligan's Island" autographs on this site in the last 24 hours. In my opinion all are real, but I am waiting for opinions. Comparer to yours.



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