Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this forum but not new to autograph collecting.  My interest has always been with space autographs and sports memorabilia especially signed baseballs.  I travel a lot so I used to carry 1-3 baseballs with me not knowing who I might run into either at the airport or even on the plane.  One of the things that I have learned throughout the years is that when your not sure of something don't be afraid to ask more experienced collectors.  I have been trying to put together a cast signed cut signatures of the Honeymooners.  Gleason is my last signature and with all that I've read, authentic signatures are hard to come by.  If someone can give me an opinion on this Gleason it would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Bob 

Also, does anyone have any sources for buy an authentic Jack Gleason cut.


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Hi Bob.  I will let Eric field this one you can contact him on the following thread here or he might contact you on this one first.   For my money Eric K. Longo is the most knowledgeable person on Gleason.  I know he had a wonderful huge Gleason color photograph for sale on here. I know he has helped others obtain rock solid Gleason's from other sources at no charge. The link to his Gleason signature study on here is below:


Atypical in at least 5 ways and very legible too. Would prefer to see a much larger scan. Very cautious with early Gleason now as they are being produced in increasing numbers. Do not pay full value for an irregular cut, especially one that can not be properly matted. A genuine cut should be priced accordingly.

Here is more typical 1951 Gleason and a backstage photo from my collection:

Here is a link to a wonderful Gleason offered by Eric Longo. It's definitely worth consideration if you are looking for special.


Thanks Joe - will have to wait for a special home. I see forged cuts and fake b/w 8x10's selling for 600-900 with papers!  

Having had a chance to see a much better scan as posted on eBay that allows me to see inside the ball point pen in detail - this is a genuine early Gleason. I was able to find precedents for each feature in very early letters/notes/cards that appears atypical. Again, a confluence of pen and the early date/hand conspiring to obscure. VERY overpriced - how could one frame such an irregular cut? This should be under $200, not over $500!

To clarify, I have sold several early/earlier complete Gleason album pages or notes to members here, some with auspicious dates (1946, Aug. 1951 etc), for considerably less than 1/2 of the $500 irregular cut above. One was $40(!) passed on to the collector. Patience :)

Hi Eric,

My email address is rail3cards@aol.com and my cell is 646-369-3419. Thanks again


Hi Bob,

Thank you - will be in touch and will keep my eyes open.


Some early Gleason signatures showing how we get to the above example:

2 more that help with formations/relations:


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