Glenn Ford. Secretarial? Genuine? Want to be sure. Thanks.

I have this Ford signed photo. Would like some opinions on it's authenticity. I do know that, in his later years, he had a secretary sign for him do to health reasons. BTW, Ford was an avid autograph collector!

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Looks just like mine - got it in the 70s and always assumed it was real. Maybe will find out for sure here. 

Got some strange msg after posting the picture. 

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This discussion has had me interested since it was posted yesterday.  Glenn Ford?  I thought that I was his only fan.  Blackboard Jungle is one of my favorite films of all time.  I spent some time last night and today looking at authenticated signatures, as well as a few signed checks.  I also found a secretarial that contains a different formation of the “G”.  I believe that this one is authentic.

I also came across the purchase, and I looked through the seller’s inventory.  The Star Wars autographs look pretty typical to me.  I think you did well, Joe W.  Hopefully other members will offer opinions as well.

Thanks, Mike. Maybe we both are showing our age a bit although Ford was one of my favorite actors when I was younger. He played so many diverse type of roles and had a good sense of comedy as well. 3:10 to Yuma is one of my favorites.

I always thought mine was authentic. Just wanting to get some confirmation.

Another actor I've always thought highly of is Henry Fonda.

Who was the seller


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