What was the verdict on GHR&R? I'm too new to MJ signatures to sort them out on my own just yet. From what I've read, it seems to have been a mixed bag. 


Edit: forgot to add the coa. And the confusing statement by the seller. "The COA states two signatures, I didn't see ball point pen signature, but didn't look for it very hard either.  Trying to keep book in its best shape."

The piece is said to have 2 signatures but you don't want to look too hard to find the second one for fear of damaging it? 

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I dont like it.

Not real imo

No from me .  Gotta sells some genuine and some non genuine items so you have to be careful when you buy from them.  Apart from anything else this MJ is far too slowly written

Thanks, all! I'll steer clear


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