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Probably a bit better suited for this thread (https://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/topics/non-musician-signed...) as have been a few others from the past week or so.

Unfortunately I can no longer delete the discussion

Honestly no big deal. I'm fin leaving it here.

What do you guys mean?? This does belong in this discussion.. she absolutely is a musician. She just needs a better editor


Anyways, im passing.. she needs to work on her lyrics a bit more

Brilliant thanks so much! She neve signs!! 

I wonder what the carbon footprint of the production of her book is? You know, the trees, the printing, the distribution and promotion, etc. 

I apologize, this joke wrote itself, lol

Even though I think she's wrong about everything, I'm buying it because of her autograph!

Awesome :)

Thanks. I think I will wait and see if these are authentic first. Don’t think they will be much more expensive once they are released so I think I can wait and not get fooled into buying a potential autopen/secretarial. Heard about too many signed editions turning out to have fake signatures. 

I'm sort of thinking that these have Barnes & Noble Black Friday written all over them.

I ended up ordering one after I saw on eBay some people selling these (as a preorder) for $200. If it turns out that’s how much they will cost after these sell out, then I will be very sad I didn’t just order one myself. Cost me $45 total with international shipping. Not too bad. 

I took a shot and ordered it.  Added the Emma Thompson bookplate signed children's book to kind of hedge things value-wude and reduce the unit cost on shipping.  


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