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Guy on Ebay with tons of unauthenticated autos blocked me when I asked if I could get a refund if JSA said it was no good


He had a Robbie Ray on the Blue Jays card autographed - of course not certified - a very very rare card (you cannot find any cards of him signed on the Blue Jays) and I asked him "could I get my money back if JSA says this is not authentic" to which he said yes but he had to end the action and relist for some reason. He did end it and relisted the card and when I went to bid, I found out I was blocked.

Upon further research, this guy has TONS of unauthenticated sports autos from all over the country that amazingly look the same. You have to wonder, how does someone get all these autographs. Many of these people do NOT sign through the mail. 

And then the guy blocks me. So I can't bid on his Robby Ray auto now and upon further inspection, the thing is fake as F. I emailed this idiot and told him I was going to notify the baseball card and autograph websites of his shadiness and he said something about "anyone is available to bid on my auctions." When I asked him why he blocked me and that you can't accidentally block someone, you literally have to add them to your blocked list, he did not reply.

Avoid this scumbag folks. 

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He did you a favor. Saved you the trouble of sending to JSA just to have it fail. 


I just wish I could notify the people bidding on his fake autographs on Ebay.

I have the same experience with contacting a couple of sellers and being blocked for simply asking about authenticity. The only recourse is to file a comment of suspicion with ebay (as if they are interested) and post your experience to forums like this.  I once set up a web page on my own site notifying people who were interested that this person of questionable integrity was around. UNFORTUNATELY... it's like spitting at a tsunami. There are too many of these people and the majority of autographs are fakes.  Sigh.

Interesting, this guy removed ALL his listings. He had a ton of autographed cards (all fake). I went to his profile and he has nothing for sale at the moment. Very odd.


Too much heat and he's hiding away... probably to resurface with a new identity, unfortunately.


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