Hanson - 'Against The World' CD [With Autographed Postcard]

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So many of these cd's/Vinyl I would have happily purchased(including this) if they would only just sign the item. The postcards just are not collectible to me 

Same here, signed vinyls are collectibles, signed CDs are a bit meh although they often are the only thing you can get for records published after the 80s, but signed postcards or photos and whatever are just not worth anything. 

At least it is advertised as a postcard. Then you have the choice to order or not. It's Hanson anyways so not gonna lose a wink. At $25 shipped it is over priced even if it had a signed CD cover. The vinyl on Amazon is only $17.99.

Yes, Vinyl is my first choice 

At least it's probably a safe assumption that all three will sign it.


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