In a post way back in 2017, I mentioned that a book dealer had a signed Hard Day's Night dress for sale. The dealer still has it and has actually discounted it by 30% or so in his January sale. I'm puzzled why this has been so "tough to shift". Any thoughts on the signatures?

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This has been around for years. This was put up for sale by Bonham's in July 2014 I believe...

Thanks, Jim. I added a few more photos to the OP from the Bonham's sale. Great memory you have!

Thank You Steve....

Signatures look authentic to me -- but a bit faded in spots.  Items signed on clothing usually sell for alot less than on paper, LPs, photos, etc.  Harder to display, subject to fading over time, etc. 

There are probably two ways to preserve that piece. Store it away like a bride stores away her wedding dress (oh what joy) or frame it and put it on the wall. The frame will take up some major real estate on the wall and my wife would kill me. Definitely not a piece for me but cool seeing it.

No fabrics for me.

This is really unique but quite fragile to handle or display. Cool to own but frightening to preserve.

I'd rather somone else was tasked with preserving it, I'd prefer just to look. I should talk about substrate stability...I've got an old original 35mm Lugosi film on nitrate and that can spontaneously take out 1/2 my house! (Yes, it is in the OTHER end of the house!). This dress isn't going to kill anyone. :) The price might...

Better thee than me!

It's a hard sell as it needs refrigeration and humidity control etc.

It would make an interesting news story though - "Man incinerated by Bela Lugosi movie 70 years after it was fiilmed"

very unusual item

Thanks for your comments.

I'm still amazed that the bookseller hasn't managed to sell this in four years. The pre-sale price was "only" £15k (he might have actually started it at £20k) and it has been "on sale" since Christmas at £10.5k. Compared to a signed LP it seems a bargain. If I weren't so tight about spending more than a few thousand on any collectible - and not approaching retirement - I'd be in there. Here are some more photos from the bookseller and a link to his site. As you will see, it has now been framed, quite tastefully I think. The third image shows the original owner of the dress wearing it at the HDN premiere. P.S. I am not in any way connected to the seller and have never bought from him.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Link: A Signed Beatles dress worn by a programme seller at the world prem...



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