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Thoughts on this greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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It doesn't look like Harrison's signature to me, and the salutations are in the same hand.

I'd need to check exemplars for Petty, but no need in this case.

Hi Steve, Thank you for your opinion. I think the Harrison looks right to me. Petty differs a bit in exemplars. The story behind the signatures is..The autographs were signed for a woman , Pauline in 1987 at Mel's Diner in Hollywood when the Travelling Wilburys came in as they were having lunch. He could only get George and Tom's signatures that day because it caused such a commotion that so many famous musicians were in the restaurant at the same time. 

Not real in my books and 500 dollars on ebay reflects that.

I have bought "real" for a lot less on ebay. Many times its about timing though..early bird...Ebay can have its hazards but there are always hidden gems if you look hard enough. Its been good for me as a picker. As far as the item goes...thats what this board is for, opinions and I thank you for yours. I have received some great advice on this board and that is why I post. 

Hi Thomas,

The Harrison looks similar to his autograph, but it's clearly not real in my opinion. And the salutation to Pauline isn't in his hand. It looks more like Paul McCartney signed it.

HI Steve,

Thank you for your opinion. I value it. What is it about the Harrison that doesnt look right? The flow looks spot on...no hesitation. The forming of the letters look right and a few other indicators. McCartney nailed it if he did it.

Willburys didn't form till 88. Not to say that George wasn't friends with them in 87, but they weren't the Willburys then...And altogether?

That looks pretty spot on to me

Maybe it is OK. It just seems off to me.

I think it looks dated right for the signature, in my humble opinion

I think the Harrison is OK...

Yes, I think it may be fine. Something really set it off to me, but I think I was likely wrong.



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