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I bought this autograph from a Danish seller that has been working in the Danish movie business. Which I have been able to verify. At one time he also had his own company called Filmland.dk. 

The story was that Harrison Ford had been to Denmark promoting one of his movies (Six days and seven nights (not his best movie:)). At that occasion he had given the photo with address information to one of Harrison Ford's agents and he later received the photo autographed.   

I would like to hear your opinions. Do you think it is sectorial or could it be authentic?

Best Regards

Troels from Denmark


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Not even close.  Sorry, Troels.

Nooooo, sorry Troels.

Definitely not real, looks like an eBay forgery you see quite often

I knew it would be a horrible fake just by reading the sham "story." Seeing the autograph confirms it.

Thank you all for the feedback on this autograph. I had hoped for another outcome:).

Is there a chance, that it is sectorial? I sadly bought more than one autograph from this seller:) I willl put the other autographs up later. 

Best regards 


Hi Troels,

Here is a copy of my last blog that may prove useful:

"PS - IMO Buying an autograph is the very last step. Learning what to look for, what is real, what it should look like, how/where signed, when, with what, common inscriptions, the common forgeries and secretarials (if any) to avoid and so much more. How much should it cost? Look at the sellers other closed listings. If items worth hundreds or more are closing at Buy It Now with no bidders or 1 bidder there is a problem. Best offers accepted for a $1k item - at $250? Knowing more than your seller is a GREAT help. It's the key.

One other thing - "Seller trust must be earned - not given until proven otherwise."

It's not a secretary... just a fake with a fake story.


I'd be working on a return for all right now. What avenues of recourse do you have? How did you pay and when?

Thanks for the info. Luckily, I did not ruin myself, but the money is lost:(. I will be more careful in the future. I just got carried away by his story. And since I could verify that he had actually worked in the movie industry it all seemed legit:)

Best Regards 

Troels from Denmark 

Seller trust must be earned, not just given until otherwise is proven. These are sellers - that means you already know they want your MONEY.

PS - If in doubt. post it here for review. Many of us are here just for that. My recent vintage posts, and opening my entire collection for all to see - all fell flat dead, so what else can I do here but help? :-)



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