Have You Ever Been Featured In A Magazine Of How You Collect Autographs?


Has You Ever Been Featured In A Magazine Of How You Collect Autographs? If so, Will you please post it.

The reason why I asked is because in book stores (Barnes & Noble) starting this week, I have been featured in The Diecast Magazine, North America, Issue-26 (which is one of the best magazine out there on diecast collecting) which they wrote a full 3 page write-up (Pages 28, 30, & 32) on how I collect NASCAR & HOLLYWOOD, In-Person, "Picture Proof Autographs" on diecast. They even display 22 pictures of my collection in the article. It might sound that iI am self-centered, I am just proud how the article came out. So Please Take a Look and I hope you enjoy it!!!!

If you have been featured in a magazine of how you collect, Please post, I would enjoy reading it!!!!!     Thanks Very Much!!!!!           Fred



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I'm not entirely sure, but you might need permission from the magazine to post the entire article like that.

Congratulations ,you should be proud.

Thanks Very Much Ian A Baddock!!! The one thing that I am really happy about is that my children are proud of their dad!!! Thanks Again!!!! Fred
Thanks, Dane, I didn't even think of that. I will look into that. Thanks again, Fred

Very cool write up, nevertheless. :)

Thanks Dane!!!!

Hi way to go. Are those cars valuable in your collection?

Well Paul, like my wife reminds me every time I start stating how much the collection is worth, it is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Unfortunately for her, I am not willing to sell yet.

My old neighbour showed me his diecast collection and some were worth 5 grand old holden diecast etc

I don't have the expensive diecast, one reason is that I don't just follow one driver, I follow them all, so I always have at least 2 diecast for each driver just in case I have a chance to get a autograph from one of them, so I couldn't afford to by the big buck ones, besides, I feel with the autograph, picture & negitive, that the diecast goes up in value, how much? Who knows until I sell.
Very cool!
I just wanted to say, "CONGRATULATIONS!" I don't collect diecast myself or even really follow NASCAR; however, I can understand and appreciate your excitement. You should be excited! If something I had was featured in a major magazine, I'd be pretty thrilled about it too. Way to go!



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