I would like to hear any stories from members who have met famous people and felt disappointed after meeting them, etc not giving you a autograph.I have saw gene simmons on you tube telling fans to get out of his way when asking for his autograph, if it was me I would be angry but I have heard he is very arrogant and not a nice man in person.If you have any stories like this I would like to hear them.Thanks.

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Few of my worst experiences were from spring training...In the mid 90's I loved the Angels and would go to there camp every year up till like 99 and Ive been Snubbed by Bo Jackson many times while he was there and was one on one with Canseco  and gave me a flat out No. Over last spring it took weeks to crack Mark Mcqwire one time he told me he wouldnt cause his feet hurt...Oh Well..But One cool experience was at a show Tom Seaver Took a picture with my son and was very nice.

I was within earshot of Hideki Matsui going into a Yankees game, so I yelled his name and the man didnt even break his stride...don't know how great his english was at that point.......But then Bobby Abreu walked by and called me over and signed for me so that made up for it!

I just want to say thanks for all your stories so far, very interesting.

I guess one disappointment would be a Brewers game around August of 1998.  Security was forming a queue for McGwire to sign autographs (and his popularity was sky high at this point, since he was in striking distance of Maris' record).  I had a great spot in line and was really enthusiastic about an opportunity to get a true baseball superstar's autograph.  McGwire never came over and signed.  I'm still not sure who is at fault for getting our hopes up.

@ Robertsessions, I know Foley's family personally as I went to school with his son, and work with his son. I can attest that Foley is always extremely nice and personable, glad you had a good experience! I slice Mankinds turkey in the supermarket I work in XD haha

haha.....they were super nice, this was at disney in 99.....I didn't notice him at first, my wife was poking me in the side and saying "thats the guy you watch on monday nights".....she knows because putting away laundry I would imitate "socko" and she thought I was losing my mind......the good ole days. Yes the whole family was very nice, laid back and enjoying the rides.

Anyone met Chuck Norris ?

Tempted to bring along some stuff to a book signing (cheeky I know.......but I never meet celebs and this might be the only time I'll meet him)

I always loved it when I would watch English premiere league soccer and right before a big game and even at halftime Sir Alex Ferguson arguably the greatest soccer coach of all time would stop and sign an autograph or two for fans. I find English soccer so much more friendly walking out with children at the beginning of a game. You will never see American sports teams doing such a thing. We cant even get our "pros" to represent our country. And make no mistake these soccer stars make a fortune also. Back to bad signers Bill Russel could be one of the worst , he finally started to do a show or two when  his sig went for 200 to 300 bucks. One of the pioneers for overpriced sigs. Rewarded because he didn't sign!

Never had anyone be flat out rude, but have had many, many instances where the celebrity, at both paid and publicized events where the public was encouraged to come meet/greet/and get autographs, would take your item, sign it, and basically have this look on their face like, "OK, now get out of my face." Don't really understand this at a paid signing or welcome-to-the-public event. The more folks show up, the more they make and can promote their persona, right? I can't help but think about a Love Boat episode that guest starred Reggie Jackson. At the beginning of the show, he made a big deal to Captain Stubing about, "I just want to get away and be treated like everyone else, and not a celebrity," meaning he wanted to get away from autograph requests, pictures, people coming up to him wanting to talk, etc. As the episode goes along, he gets just that, nobody paying attention to him, no special perks, etc. By the end of the episode, he's sitting on a deck chair with a sign that reads, "I'm Reggie Jackson!" Classic comedy, and such truth about how celebrities really feel about their celebrity. If it benefits them, it's great, but when they are asked to do all the extras like sign autographs, make appearances, and be nice to people, they hate it. This statement is not true of everyone or most, but sure is about a good many.

I used to live near the Miami Vice set years ago and my buddy and I decided we were going to hang around and try and get Don Johnson's autograph, after a 45 minute wait here comes Don and my friend approached him (we were 15 at the time) and he say's "Mr. Johnson can I get you autograph? " He replied with " F**K OFF kid " ! I have never cared for him since.

I enjoy collecting MMA autographs and these guys have always been wonderful. Former Welterweight Champ Matt Hughes was a little gruff and felt annoyed to be at the event (an autograph signing).

Agreed.  He was an a-hole when signing for me too.  Fedor and Dos Santos were cool though. 



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