Hi everyone newbie just today I'd been up in attic today and came across a club sandwich magazine issue 34 1984 with Paul McCartney's signature pls could anyone tell us it's d real deal it was only thing my 16 year old got off her da before he left 16 years ago so he would be the only one with answers

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Hi Victoria,

The autograph definitely looks genuine, but it may have been printed on the page when the magazine was printed.

Do you see pen impressions on the front and back of the paper, like there would be if it was signed by hand?

I'm fairly certain that the ink is on the surface, Steve. There's a three-dimensional depth and weight to it. It doesn't look like it's printed with the rest of the book.

I hope you're right! It's placed like it would be if he signed his message to readers, so we need to make sure. 

I'm usually untypically, typically right about these things, Steve. It's both my blessing and my curse. :)

The only thing that concerns me is that it's signed after his note to the readers. It looks live to me, but the placement worries me.

The icons don't think like we do when it comes to the technical aspects of their signature. Very few of them actually consider things like placement compared to those that do, Steve.

Though not optimally placed, he signed in the "zone". That's a nice, big blank area he had to work with. He was reasonable with his location, from his standpoint.

I agree. My concern is that it looks like the space for his signature after his note to readers was designed into the page.


Can you see pen impressions on the back?

There might not be impressions. In fact, possibly not even that much of a track, or one with a very shallow trough. It's signed with a delicate hand, in fact, McCartney's writing is more on the order of what one would associate with feminine penmanship. It's more like a light flutter than furtive motions.

Here is a picture of another copy of that issue which does not appear to have a facsimile signature on it. It's not a pre-print.

Great find, Joe. Excellent sleuthing. Thank you. That's a great piece she has!

Perfect Joe...thanks! I did a quick search but couldn't find the magazine page.

So yes, Victoria...there is a Santa Claus!



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