Help identifying signed baseballs please + is this Dodgers ball real?

If you can identify even a couple names on either of the first 2 balls, please let me know. It would help in identifying the team/year. 3rd ball is a Dodgers team ball, is it real? It looks like real ink

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ball 1 continued

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Ball 2

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ball 2 cont

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Real or not?

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Doesn't it look like one of those mass produced replica team signed souvineer balls to you?

it definitely is a stamped ball.  as for the others, the are minor league teams, signed in black marker, so impossible to decipher them.

Dodger ball is definitely a gift shop stamped souvenir.

Without year and team on the two minor league balls your looking at quite a research project. Not only do the rosters in the minor leagues turn over constantly the teams change affiliations all the time.

If you really want to figure it out try . They have rosters of every minor league team going back decades.



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