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Hi! I’m currently working on a side project to build up a murder on the orient express collection and I was curious if anyone with knowledge of Daisy Ridley signatures could help me out with this one. Me personally, I don’t think it’s real. 1st-the seller said he ”was selling it for a friend who collected autographs.” 2nd-the seller is unknown and puts no enthusiasm into his listings (I.e. extremely short descriptions,) 3rd- it’s on auction and tomorrow is its last day and it’s only going for $17. Although, a part of me really wants this to be authentic. I’m hoping that I might be wrong and this does turn out genuine. Any opinion would be very helpful and extremely appreciated. Thank you and stay safe. All the best!

(FYI: Second autograph is Kenneth Branagh)

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It actually looks pretty typical to me.  I only have one minor concern about it.

Oh. What concern might that be? Thanks for responding btw, I love hearing from you mike. You give great advice!

She did not dot the "i".

Ok thank you! Also, if you have any knowledge on Michelle Pfeiffer and could help me out on my most recent post on Pfeiffer's signature. If not that also alright as well. Thank you! 

I am not familiar with Michelle Pfeiffer's autograph.



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