I think this one looks good personally.. also antowain smith in the picture I also think looks good. I'm making a trade for this, but before I do was hoping I could get a few alternate opinions.. thanks so much!

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would be great if you could post the other in person examples

these are Tom Brady in persons from Patriot Training camp....the PressPass cards are from 2000 at Bryant College in Smithfield RI....as are the Bellicheks...he even wrote 2000 on the one card...the UD card is from 04 at Gillette where the moved the Training camp in 03 or 04 to the practice fields at Gillette....

Brady would sign every day in the early years....he even did the Patriot sponsored autograph session once after practice....he would normally walk the rope line after the practices from about 8 feet out, then walk in sign a few and walk out and move further down the rope...the early years at Bryant, he was easy to find...he would even give his jersey away to a kid if the kid could sing the michigan fight song.....but at Gillette, now a starter, etc, he wasn't as easy to get to...had his state police guy near by....and it was pretty clear he wasn't going to sign many cards...he seemed to reach for footballs and pictures....pretty girls created exceptions i suspect...

By 05 when we last went, he attracted mob scenes when he would sign...it was like being in a rugby scrum with people trying to get to him....if he came right to you, as he did with my big picture, you were golden, but he was not going to stand there in the same spot and sign a bunch...

Best wishes...i watch your posts and respect your opinions.

Here's the scan of a few cards that are not framed....

Here’s a camp IP from 2011, done for a kid in a wheelchair. Explains the lack of the infamous Brady scribble 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Here is an early Tom Brady Autograph obtained in person.

Signature looks legit enough to me on this one. 

I would send it off to PSA



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