Hi all, just wondering everyone's thoughts on how accurate ACOA Pre-Certification is. Given this is a photo-only method of certification, how accurate would this be compared to ACOA full authentication or authentication from PSA, Beckett or JSA? Would you be comfortable using this as proof of authenticity without even sending the item in?

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If this is about that Jackson, I think I would be safe with the opinions here. And they are free,

I’m asking the question due to the results of the two cast-signed Vikings comic books I submitted (they passed). We had a good discussion about these a couple of weeks ago.


I also just wanted to hear people’s general opinion on how accurate ACOA precertification is - i.e. how often does a fake slip through the cracks? Or how often will an precertified item fail full authentication? (assuming it isn't something like a preprint) I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this since you didn't initially think the autographs I posted were authentic.

Acoa are just guys who street graphed ny,  who run a company. 


I don't think they've really been around long enough for a comprehensive scouting report, and I don't know how many people have been really trying keeping tabs on them. You can argue they're more knowledgeable and less biased than their counterparts, though of course that's debatable. I guess off the top of my head, they're probably a better bet than JSA, PSA or Beckett for modern celebrity autographs.

Thanks for your input!

My misunderstanding re Jackson - I'm sorry. I agree with what Rich has said,

I contacted them about a Bill Murray autograph Authentication 8 x 10 photo that I have that I’m pretty sure is authentic however I’d like to have that peace of mind. My first option was to want to go with PSA however what concerns me is it doesn’t seem like they have as many experts as they did five years ago on entertainment memorabilia most of them seem to be sports related. I could be wrong however I spoke to Justin Steffman at ACOA because they claimed to be experts specifically on Bill Murray’s autograph. He said they have a lot more in their database on this particular actor . This is the first time I’ve heard of them. Justin was very Nice and ACOA is the only authentication  service approved and recommended by all of the top autograph clubs and collecting communities: UACC, RACC, AFTAL according to their site  . I’m still bit skeptical but being for me that they claim to be experts in Bill Murray particularly I might wind up giving them a shot . Guess after few more years we’ll see how they hold up . But so far I’ve seen reputable people say nothing but good things about them and even reputable people do some side work for them for extra opinions . 

I am very comfortable with the abilities of ACOA. I think they are an up and coming service.

I agree ! I’m kinda mad I just sent my Bill Murray autograph to PSA but if it comes back saying unable to make decisions or say likely not authentic I’m gonna send it to them for second opinion. I just got off their website and gotta say I was pretty impressed with their staff and experience they all have . Actually looked better than PSA lol . 

They are the only third party autograph coa I would trust.  They look carefully at every submission and are also very honest.  What more could one want?

What more could we want?

I'll settle for a company that actually looks carefully at every submission & knows what they're doing, because ACOA sure doesn't, at least from my experience.

This was my Summer Glau.

It was given to me as a gift from a non-collector friend. It came with a COA from Berkshire Autographs. You know, one of those companies that "guarantees the autograph for life" but provides no way to contact them, or even any info on who they are, and seems to only exist as a name on the COA. They've been discussed elsewhere on this forum.

The COA didn't sit right with me, but neither did the signature. I'm no expert on Summer Glau, but I've seen a fair few in passing, listed by dealers I'd consider reputable, and I've never seen one that has that kink in it.

But, like I said, I'm no expert, and I heard such good things about ACOA that I figured I'd pay the $20 and have them look it at it. I sent it in, as you can see, on December 28.

On the morning of New Year's Eve, I got the email that, as you can see, it passed.

I figured, ok, people who know more than I do, and probably have more exemplars than I've ever seen say it's good, so it's probably fine.

But in the months that followed, I saw more and more actual, genuine Summer Glau signatures, none of which looked like that. So, when I saw that SWAU had expanded to "modern entertainment" as a whole, rather than just folks associated with "Star Wars", it was the first thing I sent in to have Pete formally look at.

And, sure enough, he told me that he went pretty far back and he also couldn't find one that looks anything like that.

The only people who have seen one like that would appear to be whomever forged it (unless they suck at art or just don't care) and the individuals at ACOA who all examined it & gave it a thumbs up.

If I were a less honest person, I'd offer to sell it to anyone who sings the praises of ACOA and Berkshire Autographs. But, that's not my style, so I put it into the shredder & swore off doing business with ACOA again. All it took was once for them to completely kill their credibility in my eyes.

Nobody who knows what they're doing would look at that Summer Glau and say it was good. Especially not "up to 10 signature experts". It doesn't match anything I've never seen. I'm willing to bet it doesn't match anything you've ever seen. It certainly doesn't match anything that I've seen ACOA themselves pass before or since.

And, yet, there it is, right there, with their seal of approval for all to see.


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