What's people's opinions on this MJ, personally I think this is awful...

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Which still makes it a mistake. And a bigger mistake by the employer who is ultimately responsible. 

And for the money involved, it can be a costly mistake. 

I looked at this MJ sig and a few Legit ones and could easily see the problem. I don't even study MJ and it was blatantly clear to me, otherwise I wouldn't have even commented.

It really does stick out like a sore thumb haha

The slab says Beckett Grading Service (BGS), not Beckett Authentication Service (BAS). BGS is their card grading service that I believe used JSA to authenticate autographs. BGS stopped authenticating autographs once BAS started last year.

Wascher, I just noticed you said it was authenticated a month or so ago. Was it unholdered on Autographs 101? If that's the case, maybe they're using the BGS slabs and inserts right now.

It was done within the last 8 months I believe.   On Feb 7th of this year it looked like this:

I have seen this being offered for sale on Facebook, eBay and now Pristine Auctions.  Buyer Beware (Imo) MJ Pristine Auctions

Pristine will sell anything. As long as it has a COA. They don't care if the signature is questionable or not.


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