What's people's opinions on this MJ, personally I think this is awful...

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I don't know how much pressure he normally uses but this is off the charts with pen pressure!

There are four separate tracks here. Four separate lines that comprise this signature, the pen placed, the ink applied, and then the pen lifted, 4 times. Follow the tracks. This isn't typical of MJ, is it?

I thought I saw starts and stops!

And unusual overlapping 2

And it appears that an effort was made to line up the starting point of track 4 with the end of track 3 that was unsuccessful. More reminiscent of penmanship class than someone tossing off their signature nonchalantly, for the millionth time.

Also, as you pointed out, this looks more to be signed by MJ, the 250 pound linebacker, rather than MJ, the 120 pound waif. His ink signatures typically look like a gentle breeze is propelling the pen. This doesn't.

Haha love it!

It makes me nervous that PSA/DNA would authenticate this.

I barely look at MJ sigs and it looks bad to me.

Well the problem is they have too many hands in the cookie jar. Psa employees make mistakes 2 lol but yeah it's unfortunate...

They all make mistakes. 

Beckett ok'd one a month or two ago that made me cringe as well.

It started out on Autograph 101 for cheap

And is now up on eBay for 2699.00 


Sometimes I don't think they are mistakes. Think they just don't know his signature as good as they think they do.


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