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one big problem if u don't pay for the itiems eventualy ebay will suspend ur account and if they suspend they can suspend all trust me its easy for anyone to do

More trouble than it's worth, and I don't really think that I'd personally feel comfortable engaging in such tactics, regardless of the reason.

there is ZERO chance of any investigation on E-Bays part. Please get it through your thick skulls this is E-Bays fault and you shouldn't by an effin toothpick from them.

How about you drop the condescending demeanor and write like an adult?

Just so there's no confusion, my comment was directed toward Fudd.

"How about you drop the condescending demeanor and write like an adult?"

It's called telling it like it is my handsome friend. It is not condescending and it is very much adult like, IMHO.

The root of the problem is E-BAY PERIOD and if you don't like my comments, simply just block them. I'm not going to get in a p****** match with you over Effin E-Bay.  My comments are my comments, childish, condescending or humorous, depending on how you read it. So just block me please because I don't need your snide comments directed directly towards me based on honest comments on an autograph blog. I didnt attack anyone so quit being so obtuse. Thanks

Saying we have "thick skulls" is not condescending and insulting? Yes, I'd say that was an attack.

OR maybe you can just avoid the crooks altogether...and those crooks are E-Bay Philippines. F THEM PERIOD. AND THAT's the only thing they do at that effin e-bay philipines call center, apologize...."A million pardons sir". And nothing else EVER gets done. That's a fact. F YOU E-BAY


look at this site- kryptocookies at ebay with a 100% feedback (1321 !!!???). how is this possible? sad seller with buyers with no knowledge from what they are buying. how to stop them? i have no idea but i thought rules of stopping these sellers was easy in the us and they could be arrested for it.

Just to set the issue of feedback straight, if you are a buyer, AND YOU DO NOT PAY FOR THE ITEM, unless the seller cancels the sale using the reason, "Out of stock", you cannot leave feedback for that seller, negative or positive.

To recap:

No payment = no feedback capability (unless the seller cancels the sale).

Also: If you request cancellation, and the seller complies, you cannot issue feedback, negative or positive.

If you're hell-bent on giving negative feedback to a seller, you must pay for it first.


I appreciate you frustration, but please be straightforward when you're doing business. I don't condone what you're suggesting.

BlackB, I don't want to erase it. It's OK to leave it up for discussion. I gave you my opinion on how to do things.




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