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New video drop! 

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Another fine video Steve!  

Great video Steve, hopefully the beginners see this.

Excellent video Steve. Thank you for all you do 

Thanks much. I appreciate the kind words. I realize this may be basic for advanced collectors, but I believe the largest audience for videos tends to be beginners looking for information. 

Absolutely worthless. If buyers are raving about obviously fake autographs, which happens all the time, that's enough reason to stay away. 

Sadly....I think Steve talks a lot of rubbish. There are a lot of bargains on Ebay , that have made a lot of people a lot of money and he shouldn't tar us all with the same brush,

Yes....there are people who are trying to make a quick buck and will tell you what you want to hear.

It's down to you ....The buyer , to do your homework before you buy.

I have been selling on Ebay for around 15 years and I have 100% feedback,

I buy autographs all the time and I am very careful what I buy.

I am a top rated seller and I am very happy with my status.

I have a 30 day money back guarantee and I have many return buyers.

I also have buyers, who ring me up and they pay me over the phone and I send the items on to them.

So....for Steve to say that we shouldn't buy on Ebay and should not trust 100% feedback is rubbish.

You are welcome to look at my shop of over 10,000 listings anytime you want.

I think Steve should concentrate on the buyers who pay by credit card and 2 months later, issue a chargeback and receive there money back. They also keep your item as well.

Check 'chargeback ' on Ebay and you will see what I mean.

My shop name is ....mondeoboxerblue

I trust Steve more than I trust any eBay seller. Especially with so many of them having 100% positive feedback selling forgeries.

It's NICOLAS CAGE by the way, not "NICHOLAS".

Forgeries are rife everywhere ...not just on Ebay.

I see a lot of buyers on here asking about items, they want to buy from friends or buyers not from Ebay so....... it's just not Ebay

I suggest you go back and watch the video again. You’re obviously personalizing this and have completely distorted my message. Nowhere in the video do I say you shouldn’t buy off of eBay. Nowhere in the video do I state that every seller with 100% feedback is a crook.

There are sellers with 100% feedback that are great sellers… And sellers with 100% feedback that are total crooks who sell nothing but fakes. The point is that the eBay feedback is not an accurate gauge of anything. I don’t see how you can dispute this. 

Sadly Steve......I think it's you who should go back and watch the video.

Your last statement on the video is........

Don't even consider the feedback....it is completely & totally worthless junk.

Correct me if I am wrong but.....Does that not mean every seller !!

What you have to remember Steve is that there are good and bad in all walks of life.

A few years ago, another 'Authenticator' Mr Steve Grad, came under the spotlight for authenticating fake signatures so nobody is perfect.

Steve Grad authenticated for PSA and I don't know the whole story but some people on this website said...The money got the better of him.

So...no it is not a personalised thing but you are making ALL ebay sellers sound like they are ripping off buyers

You’re absolutely correct… Don’t consider the feedback because it’s worthless junk. That’s exactly what I said in my prior message… when legitimate sellers and crooked sellers can both have 100% feedback, it’s not an accurate gauge of anything and should be disregarded.

Frankly, I don’t know if you’re a troll or you’re honestly this dense. Sorry you didn’t like the video. Good luck.

Steve is correct in his message.  its about trusting ebay feedback.  so you are saying if a seller who is selling obvious forgeries at ridiculous prices has 100% feedback, that he/she shoud be trusted?  

the point of the video is that novice collectors (who are typically the victims of these crooks) should not just look at feedback and conclude the seller is legit. Sorry but that is a fact.


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