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Thanks! Would have liked to have ordered this but only the first 125 are signed and if you get one that isn't you probably couldn't get close to the $75 + postage (which best guess is $25+) back trying to sell it off.

nice find, 

but $76USD plus intl shipping has me "screaming in the night"...!

Link is for the signed "Die Hard edition" of 125 and they currently show 95 in stock, so looks like they've only sold 30 of the signed so far. 

Unsigned is 30CHF less and a separate listing, with 163 left, so more orders for the unsigned apparently.  


That's cool I didn't look further on their site to see they were offering a couple versions. So at least if your willing to drop the $100 it will be a nice score. But I have spent a lot of $ the last couple of weeks so this one is a little out there price wise for me. Sucks because I had tickets for their final US tour in 2020 which was canceled. They probably would have had something signed in their merch booth since it was a smaller club show.


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