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Hello all.

Would really love to know if my Christopher Lloyd and Judd Hirsh signed cards are legit.


As always, any comments or feedback greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!

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So, after amateurly attempting to analyse various online Christopher Lloyd autograph examples, i still haven't arrived at a concrete conclusion.

The elaborate 'L' at the begining of Lloyd looks consistant - as does the looped 'Y' and the flick on the end of the 'D'. However, i'm not comfortable with the fact that the 't' in Christopher is lacking the trademark cross.

How do others feel? How do the professionals rate my junior detective work observations?

All comments and feedback warmly appreciated.

The "L" is different than most examples I recall seeing, but then again, can't say I was analyzing those or anything more than just general viewing, when looking over a seller's wares, nothing specific. What does strike me is that I only remember seeing examples where the Ls weren't as much two distinct and separate Ls, but those Ls were like an amalgamation of two Ls in one, almost like a Heraldic or "Olde English" Captital L that looks more like one capital "H", or an L + 1 rather than two separate characters on your piece, a Captial L and then a neighboring script "l".

Would you say then, Woody, it's more likely a "nay" than a "yay"?

Other than the "L" and a few other minor variations that you already mentioned, I don't imagine it being suspect. It's not a high dollar auto, so I imagine not as subject to the type of forgeries that the usual high dollar signatures that abound in the industry. I'd say decidedly more "yay" than "nay" based on there being more similar signature characteristics than dissimilar, on a whole, and the chance of forgery being being minimal, based on monetary factors.

That's encouraging feedback, Woody - cheers!

I can safely say that i don't own a single high dollar autograph. However, Christopher Lloyd is a legend, and i'm buzzing that i've got this in my collection.

Thanks again mate.

A flexible and successful character actor, he's played integral roles in lots of movies! He was fantastic in Cuckoo's Nest. I'd love to have a signed cast poster of that one. Fantastic acting from all.



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