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I have the Aqualung signed piece.  It is really a high quality print!!!

Out of my range but pretty cool. Would look great on the wall.

He will sign anything as long as you only send one item. Manchester address is on his page and it’s a quick turnaround.

Nope...update from Ian Anderson's website:

Correspondence and fan mail

UPDATE: Due to the increasing backlog of postal autograph requests from fans and the renewed level of my touring and promotional activity, I am unable to undertake to do further signings. We ask you to cease sending photos, letters, album covers etc for the foreseeable future. Any such unsolicited material sent to the previous, or any other address will, regretfully, not be returned and therefore lost to you. At some time in the future, if and when I can resume additional office work, I will let you know.

Thanks for your understanding. Ian Anderson.


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