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Iconic Auctions "Sold" this for $15,000 a few days ago but now it is back up on Press Pass Collectibles Ebay page.

Why not be honest and say it didn't meet the very high reserve?   
Shuttling items back and forth between Iconic and Press Pass/Ebay is not going to make me want to do business with either company. 

It is a shame. I think most people accept there are reserves on most premium pieces, so I would agree that some form of 'reserve not met' would be more preferable.
With regards to this piece I would say $15k is a good price and it is a little surprising it didn't sell for that, but to each their own.

I agree that $15,000 is a great price for this piece -- but did someone really bid that much?  I've seen some crazy high prices during Iconic's auctions that the seller would have to be insane to pass up -- yet the next day they are back on other Ebay seller's sites. Makes you wonder if those high "sold" prices are real. 

Well it would seem their historic prices may not be able to be relied on, which again is a shame, unless they are put on to show what the highest bid was? but if that's the case some form of 'key' should be used to differentiate the pieces that sold from the pieces that didn't.
I periodically browse Iconics listings but theres really nothing that surprises me because everything has already been on eBay for years. To me, their auction format is similar to those gimmicky auction sites that increase time after every bid and have complete control over the purchase price. I've chosen to stay away.

Unfortunately, the public (us) have no way of knowing what the actual highest bid really was. Those ridiculously high "sold" prices can't be trusted. I respect your decision to stay away. 

It's just dealers trying to squeeze as much as possible out of their items. Like this Nevermind, that hit the 8k mark in the Iconic auction and now it's lowered to that price on ebay, it must have started around the for sale price at 20k.

Got it.
The dealers are there worst own enemy.
The nevermind was a racc special at 20k for 2 weeks only.
I don't understand the game being played here, unless it is shill bidding or something tax related?
Press pass has to make a profit from their purchase price,so i figure high reserves for the auction.
How would you feel buying the nevermind at 20k , ripped off?


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