Iconic Auctions offering David Gilmour *COPIED* Signature - BAS Authenticated

Would like to expose another Gilmour autograph, this time coming from our friends at Iconic Auction. Currently listed is a cassette 'signed' by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

Problem is that the signature matches identically to a cut offered on this site a few years ago that was previously certed by PSA. After examining the cassette, there are some oddities in ink which make me believe that the signature from Iconic is a copy from the original offered here. You be the judge.

Yet again, another BAS blunder - in my opinion of course.

Iconic Auction:


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The item has now been removed from the auction at Iconic. 

That’s funny. The cut signature is mine.

Great job Steve Grad. You and BAS are a bunch of phony clowns.

Ahh that was a nice purchase Rick. That’s what happens when someone uploads a nice high def photo of a cut without a watermark.

What the history of Rick's Gilmore? Was a higher-resolution photo of it posted online before?

I’m not sure if better pictures of it were ever posted. I’m guessing there were.

So PSA got the signature right - then someone forged it or traced it onto the cassette? 

I believe it was more mechanic than a trace. 

There are ways to duplicate an autograph that look like live-signed ink. This appears to be an example of that.

Well Done!

Yes, great catch!

Another Iconic/PressPass Kyle Bell special.

Exactly. Collectors need to smarten up on authenticators. This is exactly what you get when one of the largest volume autograph dealers pairs up with one of the supposed top authenticating companies.PressPass and BAS. Neither really care about authenticity. They care about money. Steve Grad is the most overrated authenticator in the business. He might be good with a few autographs but in the majority he really sucks. 

The blindly trusting collector is the one who loses when they have been ripped off.




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