Iconic Auctions offering David Gilmour *COPIED* Signature - BAS Authenticated

Would like to expose another Gilmour autograph, this time coming from our friends at Iconic Auction. Currently listed is a cassette 'signed' by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

Problem is that the signature matches identically to a cut offered on this site a few years ago that was previously certed by PSA. After examining the cassette, there are some oddities in ink which make me believe that the signature from Iconic is a copy from the original offered here. You be the judge.

Yet again, another BAS blunder - in my opinion of course.

Iconic Auction:


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While I am not a fan of how they look, to me, there is no difference to a book and a signed bookplate. Tacky? Maybe yes...But there must be a market otherwise it wouldn't be done. I think as long as the term repurposed or some other way of noting it is used, then there is much worse things to get upset about. 

Let's just say it's a truly unique item! 

Paul… Bubbles… Change your name back to Paul.

A kasmarian special!!

Some graphers were doing the same thing having clear vinyl stickers signed a while back and sticking them on guitars but they weren't charging the earth for them.

When it comes to rare and truly historical items, I tend to look down on sellers who cut things apart, etc. However, we are talking about mass produced books signed by musicians. Hardly a historical desecration in my opinion.

For decades, collectors have been cutting apart signed books and other things to create matted displays. As long as it is disclosed, I don't see this as much different.

I agree. In some cases it can be warranted (I didn't do the cutting) - what would I do with 56 running feet of gilded mahogany Mauretania handcarved molding from 1907? The bit below is manageable. Once I bought a large section of the grand staircase - and then returned it! 


If celeb X signed a book, that was the intent of the celeb with its context intact. If that sig is re-purposed from a book to be a pickguard, the original intent is...lessened (removed?) and now I am left dealing with the intent, whatever it may be, of the person now selling it as... whatever you want to call it. I prefer the simplicity and direct nature former. And, down the road, no one will mistake a book for a guitar.

Steve asked some great questions would anyone like to tackle them I feel like I've side tracked every with the guitar thing.


Autograph Pro's clients for these pieces are mostly fans who want to display dramatic pieces. They supply a lot to charity auctions, too, and they're one very few entertainment autograph dealers that supply genuine autographs to them. 

Hi Steve, understood. My comments were meant to be general. I have come to Mr. Kasmar's defense before re items and pricing etc.




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