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I've acquired a large collection of mainly TTMs from the 1970s. Grateful for any help identifying these unknowns so far. Likewise, if you have a particular interest in any for your collection, message me for a better scan. Thank you!

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Ok, Google images has helped identify: Vikki Carr, Tommy Hunter, June Lockhart, Roddy McDowall, Valerie Petrine, Harry Reasoner, and Efram Zimbalist Jr (14 and 15), but still struggling with 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 12, and 13.

#9 is James Mason.

#12 is Rod Taylor.

Do you have more?



1-Gene Barry

2-Joey Bishop

12-Robert Wagner

These are some classic autographs you have here!

12....Rod Taylor I believe.

13..... R. Wagner. 

Many thanks, Mark and Jason! 4 is Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth from The Waltons). That just leaves 5!? There are/will be more... The collection is 500+. I’ve looked through less than half, starting with the larger photos and clippings. The index cards will be more challenging. I’ll definitely be reaching out again for help, especially on IDs, and secretarials on some bigger names.

№5 is Catherine Deneuve.

Many thanks, Oleg!



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